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After your free 15 minute consultation or once you have submitted your online enquiry and photo, you will receive an evaluation of your tattoo with advice on pricing and how many sessions you will need.

Please see pricing guide below.

XS - Small Tattoo
priced from
$70 - $100 per treatment
2x2cm up to 5x5cm
4 - 12 treatments
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Medium - Large Tattoo
priced from
$200 - $300 per treatment
10x10cm up to 15x15cm
4 - 12 treatments
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Most colours can be removed with the Q Switched Nd Yag Laser. Black, red, yellow and some reens are the easiest to remove, light blues and light greens are more difficult. White pigments cannot be removed.

If you want to change part of your tattoo or fade it enough to have a new design this may only take 2-3 treatments. We will discuss this with you at your consultation but we do recommend that your skin is fully healed from the laser treatment before beginning the new design. This might take 8 – 12 weeks.

On average most clients take 6-12 treatments to achieve the result they want. The factors that determine this include; The type of ingredients in the ink; mineral, organic, plastic or vegetable, the layers of the tattoo. People can have different responses to laser treatment. Home-made or professional tattoos. The colours used in the tattoo. After each treatment, we recommend waiting for 6 – 8 weeks before your next session. Your body will still be fading the tattoo for several months after even just one treatment.

You will feel it! Everyone responds differently. Depending where the tattoo is can determine the sensitivity for feeling pain. If you need to we can numb your skin with topical anaesthetic and or use ice. Treatments are usually very quick. A small tattoo can be treated in less than 3 minutes.

Immediate whitening – Frosting, Swelling, Redness which is similar to sunburn, Blistering, Possible punctuated bleeding and Tenderness. All of these reactions are normal and you may  xperience only one reaction. We have expert advice to assist the healing of your skin after treatments. You will receive an aftercare advice sheet that we highly recommend you follow to avoid poor healing that can lead to scarring.

Simply put, your tattoo has become darker because the metals in the ink have become oxidized, leading to a temporary greying or darkening until the tattoo fades. Thankfully, this proves that your treatments are working according to plan, and it is just a matter of time until your tattoo has cleared up.